A Kuipers Family Farm Wedding

Emily + Brian | 06.08.2019

On Saturday, June 8th, 2019 I had the honor of being the one to capture Emily and Brian’s wedding. It was a beautiful day and took place at a beautiful venue - Kuipers Family Farm in Maple Park, IL. Kuipers farm looked amazing as I walked through when I first arrived and I was immediately excited for the day. It was to be even better than I imagined. This is Emily and Brian’s wedding day story, told through my lens.


Brian and the guys were in the middle of getting ready when I arrived. And by getting ready, I mean enjoying a couple of cold brews! Everyone was relaxed and having a good time which made my job easier. Brian and his groomsmen are all great guys and I really enjoyed my time with them.


Emily is such an amazing person. She’s incredibly kind and fun to be around, but I’m sure you already know that. Seeing the interaction between her and her mother was very emotional. You can tell family means everything to Emily and her daughter is the epicenter.


Emily and Brian wanted to save the first look for the ceremony, but we did have a first look between Emily and her father and Brian and their daughter.

After Emily’s first look, it was time for Eleanor to get into her dress so she can have her first look with daddy. It was a team effort. It truly does take a village :)


Brian wrote Emily a letter, which she read before the ceremony. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful landscape that Kuipers Family Farm offers and did the reading outside. Whatever Brian wrote tugged on Emily’s heart strings. It was special to capture. Afterwards we did a few more photos with the gorgeous bridesmaids as well as some portraits of Emily, who looked stunning!

It was now time to get ready for the ceremony. Both the ceremony location and the reception hall looked amazing!

I spotted little miss Ellie and grabbed these priceless photographs. How awesome it’ll be for Emily and Brian to show Ellie these photos when she’s older.


It was now time for Emily and Brian to tie the knot. It was such a beautiful ceremony and was an absolute joy to photograph. It’s always so special for me to witness two individuals who truly love each other get married. It never gets old. With Emily’s permission, I was able to get a different look for the first kiss - usually I’m standing in the aisle, but for them I was able to get the view from the other side, placing their guests behind them. Such a fun photo to grab!


Immediately following the ceremony, the wedding party took a train ride that Kuipers farm has on their property. The excitement was high and everyone was ready to celebrate! We spent some time taking wedding party photos, family photos, and photos of the newlyweds.


The entire day had been wonderful so far and the reception carried that over into the night. We had amazing speeches, which included Brian’s dad revealing some interesting facts about him :) Dinner was delicious. The first dances were amazing. This wedding couldn’t have went any better. Oh, and that dessert table! It took a ton of self control on my part to not dive right in.


It was now time for open dance floor! Time to celebrate the newlyweds and work off some of that dinner. The dance floor was pretty full the entire night and everyone was getting down.


I ended the night with Emily and Brian outside by the fire. It was an incredible day from start to finish. I’m so lucky to be doing what I love doing, especially when it’s for amazing couples like Emily and Brian. What a loving family that deserves the best that life has to offer. I only hope that they’re able to relive their special day through the photos that I’ve taken for years to come. Congrats again you two!