Amanda & Sean's Engagement Session

I had the pleasure to spend some time with Amanda and Sean this past Sunday, June 3rd for their engagement session.  As you probably already know, they're getting married this October 13th and I have the honor to be their wedding photographer!  I'm definitely looking forward to the wedding, but back to the engagement session.


Both Amanda and Sean are outdoorsy people who love to camp, so it made sense to shoot their engagement session at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in Lemont, IL.  It's 2,492 acres of beautiful forest preserve and the main hiking trail is 9.5 miles long.  It was only fitting to go on a small hike with the both of them.

We first made our way to the waterfall that makes the place famous.  There were a lot of people already there, some on their own shoots, but we made the most of it and found our own spots.  We got some beautiful pictures at this location.  The sun was in the perfect spot and it was a joy to be there.  However, it almost went south when Sean almost slipped in the river when crossing to the other side!  And yes, I did get a picture of it!

We then decided to hike down the trail a bit to find a little privacy and an open field.  After awhile, we did find a spot, but had to make our own trail in the waist high grass.  It wasn't so bad for me and Sean since we were wearing pants, but Amanda was in a dress!  She's a trooper though and didn't complain once.

At this point the sun was setting so we hit the trail again and found a high point that overlooked part of the forest preserve.  We shot well into the blue hour (the hour after sunset) and got some really beautiful shots.  I wanted to take a night picture that would show the stars, but it wasn't quite dark enough for this.  We could've waited another hour, but we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes so we called it a night.


Amanda pinned a double exposure photograph in her mood board and asked me if I could do something similar and I was excited to do it.  In the end I think it turned out really well.  The whole shoot went well and I'm happy with all of the images.  It was great to get to know Amanda and Sean a little bit better and I can't wait to capture their wedding!  Maybe we'll get our night shot then!