Leslie & Grant's Engagement Session

Last Wednesday, June 20th 2018, I spent a few hours getting to know Leslie & Grant a little better.  All I can say is that these two are meant for each other!  They were a joy to be around and you can see the love they have for one another.  It really made my job easier to capture true expressions.  The location for our shoot was downtown Aurora, which is an amazing place for pictures.  We were able to get so many different looks as you can tell from the pictures! 


We met at Tredwell Coffee off W. Downer Place.  This coffee shop is pretty neat and the exposed brick is amazing.  We started off inside, then made our way to their back patio, which overlooks the river.

Both Leslie & Grant were very comfortable in front of the camera and they knew how to pose naturally with very little help from me.  After our time at Tredwell Coffee, we decided to hit the streets of downtown Aurora to find more fun spots to take pictures.  They did their homework and already knew where they wanted to go next, which was a building near the riverwalk that had ivy covering one side of the building.  This made for some really cool pictures.

We then started walking down the riverwalk, stopping here and there to take pictures.  We eventually made our way to a small pier, which gave us another different look.  It was so much fun exploring and we had a perfect night to do so.  There was even a band playing by the river, which put music in the air for us.  It was a really enjoyable shoot and shoots like this one is why I love doing what I do!


By now, I believe both Leslie & Grant trusted me and my ability as a photographer.  While walking by a parking garage, I saw this staircase and thought it might make for a fun picture.  So I had Leslie & Grant climb a few levels while I stayed outside across the street.  I gave my strobe to Grant for him to hold behind him while I took pictures of them and I think it turned out pretty well!  Definitely a different looking shot.


By now, the sun was going down and the street lights were turning on.  We strolled around taking pictures here and there, and then eventually arrived to the Paramount Theatre.  We weren't able to take pictures inside, but this didn't stop us from taking pictures from the outside!  This made for one of my favorite images, it was a lot of fun both shooting and editing.


We then took some street pictures before calling it a night.  This shoot was so much fun for me and I believe both Leslie & Grant had fun too!  They sure seemed to laugh a lot, maybe at me and the weird positions I was always getting into, but that's okay because we got some amazing pictures.  I can't wait to shoot their wedding this December, it's going to be a blast!  Here are more pictures, I hope you enjoy them!