Taylor & David's Fall Wedding at the Orland Chateau

Mr. & Mrs. Lopez, November 3, 2018

This past weekend, Saturday 11/3/2018, Taylor and David got married! I had the privilege of spending the day with the two of them in order to document their day through photos. This is an overview of their special day.

Getting Ready

I started the day with Taylor and her bridesmaids while they were getting their hair and makeup done. Their dresses were hanging in one room, while they were getting ready in the kitchen and living room. I started off taking a few photos of the dresses, then made my way to where the ladies were getting ready.

Taylor already looked stunning before finishing her hair and makeup, which made my job easy!

It was now time for me to make my way to the guys, who were getting ready at another house just a few minutes away. I knew I found the right place when I pulled up since I saw several guys in tuxes hanging out in a garage with the door open. They were all laughing and having a good time. It made hanging out with David and the guys a lot of fun.

I wanted to stay and crack open a cold one with the boys, but I was on the clock and had to pop over by the ladies before they left for the ceremony. When I got back, the girls were in their dresses and getting last minute details wrapped up. Every single one of them looked beautiful!

The Ceremony

After a few quick pictures, it was time to leave for the ceremony, which was being held at St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Joliet, IL. This was my first time at this church and it was amazing. The architecture and high ceilings were stunning. Even though we were running a little behind schedule, everyone was in place and ready to go for the 1:00pm ceremony. It was now time for Taylor and David to get married.

Taylor’s dad passing his daughter’s hand in marriage. As a father to a daughter myself, this image is really powerful and emotional.

The ceremony was beautiful. It lasted 50 minutes, but it went by quick - at least for me it did! Both Taylor and David looked so happy and excited to be married. The expressions while walking down the aisle after the ceremony are always my favorite - just pure love.

Immediately following the ceremony, the newly Mr. & Mrs. Lopez greeted their friends and family as they exited the church. It was all hugs and kisses. I ran across the street to get the following picture of everyone along with the entire St John the Baptist Catholic Church in frame.

It was now time for formals inside the church. We also took a few pictures outside of the church, in front of the office. We didn’t have much time since we had to drive to Lockport for the bridal party pictures, but we still managed to get some great shots!

Lincoln Landing

We made our way to Lincoln Landing in Lockport, IL for bridal party pictures. The river, bridge, nice weather, and fall foliage made for a beautiful landscape that was perfect for pictures. Everyone was excited and ready to party - it was a good group of people and I can see why Taylor and David surrounded themselves with them on their wedding day.

After pictures, it was now break time for everyone. The plan was to enjoy some food and drinks at Chesdan’s in Homer Glen, IL before the reception. Taylor used to work here and now she was enjoying cocktail hour on her wedding day. I didn’t get the chance to take bridal portraits before the ceremony, so I took this opportunity to take a few pictures of Taylor while at Chesdan’s. She was sitting at a booth next to a large window which was pouring in beautiful light - it made for gorgeous pictures of Taylor. She looked absolutely stunning!


The reception was held at the Orland Chateau in Orland Park, IL. Taylor & David had a large banquet room, which was decorated beautifully. Behind the main table, the wall was lined with mirrors, which really opened up the room.

Their wedding cake was exquisite, which was made by La Dolce Bakery in Midlothian, IL. It took strength to photograph the cake without digging into it!

Before the reception started, I managed to get a quick portrait of the groom underneath this beautiful chandelier that the Orland Chateau has hanging in the lobby. I could probably spend 30 minutes perfecting this shot, but I only had a minute or two. In the end, I think it’s a pretty cool picture of David.

After all the guests were seated, we had the wedding party introductions which led straight into the cake cutting.

Dinner was now being served. Speeches were made and everyone enjoyed the food. The room was filled with lots of laughter and clinking of wine glasses to get the newlyweds to kiss.

First Dance

The first dance is always fun (and challenging) to photograph, but I managed to get some great shots of Taylor & David. Then it was the Father/Daughter dance, followed by the Mother/Son dance, and then the dollar dance!

Lots of dancing followed. Up next was the garter toss - which was fun to watch unfold. Taylor had a sneaky plan consisting of the ol’ switcheroo. David was blind folded and was about to make his way up the leg of his brother and not his wife! And to add insult to injury, they “Iced” him! David took it like a champ and then proceeded with the garter removal, which was now back on his stunning bride.

Party Time

Well, the whole day was a party, but now it was time for everyone to let loose and enjoy the rest of the night. I had a great time on the dance floor with everyone - nothing but good music and good times.

We ended the night with a sparkler exit. It started to rain, which thankfully held off all day, but we still managed to do the sparkler exit under the awning of Orland Chateau’s front entrance.

I couldn’t tear myself away from the party so I ended up staying until the final song of the night. The entire day was so much fun. It was filled with joy, love, and laughter. Taylor & David are wonderful people and have great friends and family. It’s obvious why these two individuals decided to become one, which can be seen by the way they look at each other, as well as treat each other. It was such an honor to document their special day and I believe I captured it both honestly and beautifully.

Thank you for letting me tag along and I wish you two the absolute best!